Hello My name is..

Andreas Hortlund

Backend/DevOps Engineer @ Askås I&R

New! is now running on Go!

Trying to learn go by setting up a website with some services that also will be written in go. This runs NGINX and Go as proxy and webserver.

Coming soon

Spotify Playlist Generator

Generate fully random playlist amongs all available genres on spotify, or choose up to 4 of your favourite genres and select random songs from them.

Working now:

  • Form submit and parameter parsing
  • Form validation frontend & backend
  • Get request to spotify API
  • Parsing response and handeling data

Left to do:

  • Building string from map och tracks uri
  • Token authentication and token swap
  • Requesting access to modify spotify account playlist
  • Handeling genres or not genres depending on choice
  • Gathering track uri from string and building playlist to post
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